Control Systems


There are two control systems developed by Device Logic Pty Ltd which are essential for the management and operation of the Solfast Technology in a project:

Heliostat Controller

The heliostats in each module are positioned in a geometrical layout designed to optimise their ability to reflect concentrated beams of sunlight into an aperture at the base of a solar thermal receiver (STR).

The Radiance® Heliostat Control System performs several key functions, including:

  • managing the horizontal, vertical and rotational movements of the heliostats relative to the position of the sun;
  • controlling the mode of operation of any or all heliostats in a module including tracking, stowing, safety and cleaning; and,
  • automatic calibration to periodically monitor and re-calibrate each heliostat to ensure that it is tracking accurately.

STR Controller

The STR Control System which has been developed for, and is exclusive to, the GSP Technology. It consists of 3 components responsible for maximising the energy available in the thermal receiver, as follows:

  • Radiance® Field Cabinet
  • Radiance® STR Controller
  • Radiance® STR Controller Software

The STR Control System interacts with the Heliostat Controller to ensure that the heliostat and receiver is accurately aligned before and during operation to ensure safe and efficient operation.  The STR Control System also automatically monitors and controls Argon pressure within the STR to prevent oxidation of the graphite.