A heliostat is a reflective surface (mirror) which can be controlled by a computer to follow the sun as it moves through the sky. Its function is to concentrate the sun’s energy onto a target or receiver where it can be collected and stored.

The Solfast 2 Patent employs the toroidal heliostats developed by Heliosystems Pty Ltd to collect the solar energy. See http://heliosystems.com.au/path/

Heliosystems has licensed to GSP/GSPL a 50-year, worldwide licence to use PATH toroidal heliostat components, software, designs, tools and methods as follows:

  • patented PATH01 toroidal heliostat post and mirror assemblies;
  • general engineering drawings, photos, specifications and operational data relating to the PATH01 toroidal heliostat and its components;
  • component manufacture instructions and recommendations;
  • solar field designs and specifications;
  • intellectual property associated with pier and mirror assembly lines including those relating to the assembly process, surface measurement systems, installation procedures and commissioning or calibration procedures;
  • specialist products developed with approved suppliers necessary for the deployment of the heliostats;
  • functional knowledge relating to the toroidal heliostat; and,
  • copyright associated with the toroidal heliostat and the trademark “PATH”.