The Head License

The GSP Technology consists of the following intellectual property:

  1. the Larkden and Solfast Patents owned by Graphite Solar Power Pty Ltd (GSP);
  2. the toroidal heliostats, licenced to GSP by Heliosystems Pty Ltd in the Licence of Intellectual Property dated 1st February, 2016; and,
  3. the control systems, licensed to GSP by Device Logic Pty Ltd in the Licence of Intellectual Property dated 16th February, 2016.

The right of Graphite Solar Power Licensing Pty Ltd (GSPL) to exploit the GSP Technology is granted in an exclusive, worldwide Head Licence between GSP and GSPL dated 16th November, 2001 and amended by Amending Deed dated 4th July, 2003.

Commercial Licences

The Head Licence permits GSPL to grant Commercial Licences to organisations wanting to exploit the GSP Technology. Commercial Licensees are granted a licence on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis for a country or region, or on a worldwide basis.

Project Licences

Project Licences are granted by Commercial Licensees to organisations wanting to develop a project using the GSP Technology.

Licensing Diagram

The above licensing structure is outlined in the diagram below.