Organisational Structure

GSPL Organisational Chart


Graphite Solar Power Pty Ltd (GSP)

GSP is the owner of the GSP Technology which incorporates the Larkden 1, Larkden 2, Solfast 1 and Solfast 2 patents. GSP also has a 50 year licence from Heliosystems Pty Ltd to use the intellectual property contained in patents owned by that company that concern toroidal heliostats. Toroidal heliostats are an integral part of the Solfast Technology.

GSP has issued an exclusive, worldwide Head Licence to GSPL to exploit the GSP Technology.

Graphite Solar Power Licensing Pty Ltd (GSPL)

GSPL is a subsidiary of GSP and is responsible for:

  • the exploitation of the GSP Technology by granting commercial Licences;
  • arranging the manufacture of licensed products (materials and systems which use the intellectual property in the GSP Technology) and may only be sold by GSPL to commercial licensees; and,
  • research and development of the GSP Technology.

Device Logic Pty Ltd (DL) and Affiliates

DL is a subsidiary of GSP and has the following roles in the exploitation of the GSP Technology:

  • development of firmware and hardware for control systems;
  • the manufacture of licensed products associated with the control systems;
  • engineering services prior to the construction of projects including peer review and electrical/mechanical/IT design as required;
  • services during the construction of the project including project management as well as training, supervision and commissioning of the provided control systems; and,
  • provision of a 24/7 support service with the plant operator after the project is commissioned.

DL has granted an exclusive, worldwide licence to GSP for the use of the control systems that are part of the GSP Technology.

DL also provides control systems for heliostats being used in architectural applications. An example is the One Central Park building on Broadway in Sydney, NSW, where heliostats are used to direct the sun into previously dark courtyards and to provide natural light to an underground shopping centre.

Heliosystems Pty Ltd

During the past ten years Heliosystems have been extremely innovative in the design and construction of heliostats.

Their work with toroidal heliostats has been particularly exciting. It has resulted in very high levels of efficiency in transferring the sun’s heat into stored thermal energy.

Heliosystems and DL have worked closely together to achieve heliostat field efficiencies in the GSP Technology of greater than 70%.

Heliosystems has granted to GSP, a worldwide licence to use its toroidal heliostat designs for a term of 50 years.