About Us

Graphite Solar Power Licensing - About UsGraphite Solar Power Licensing Pty Ltd (GSPL) is an Australian company who commercialises the intellectual property contained in patents either owned or licensed by its parent company, Graphite Solar Power Pty Ltd (GSP). This arrangement is formalised by means of a Head Licence in which GSP grants GSPL an exclusive, worldwide licence to use the intellectual property until 2050. In general, the intellectual property relates to the use of graphite as a storage medium for thermal energy (the Larkden Technology) and for utility scale renewable energy solutions using concentrated solar power (the Solfast Technology). Collectively the intellectual property is referred to as the GSP Technology. 


GSPL is part of the Kerama Energy Group. Other companies within the group involved with the GSP Technology include:

  • Graphite Solar Power Pty Ltd; the owner;
  • Device Logic Pty Ltd; a developer of control systems;
  • Radiance Pty Ltd; a developer of electronic components; and,
  • Device Logic Projects Pty Ltd; a supplier of services to projects using the GSP Technology.


GSPL’s business model is to grant commercial licences to qualified organisations desiring to:

  • participate directly in the ownership of projects using the GSP Technology;
  • enter into joint ventures with other organisations to develop projects using the GSP Technology; or,
  • issue project licences to organisations wanting to develop plants that generate steam or electricity using the GSP Technology.