The GSP Technology

Graphite with Heat ExchangerTHE GSP TECHNOLOGY

Graphite Solar Power Pty Ltd (GSP) owns four patents that refer to inventions, apparatus and methods which can be employed, in various ways, to collect and/or store thermal energy. The patents exploit the use of graphite, a crystalline form of carbon, which is renowned for its thermal properties.

GSP also possess:

  • an exclusive licence from Device Logic Pty Ltd for control systems; and,
  • a licence from Heliosystems Pty Ltd to use its design for toroidal heliostats.

The combination of the intellectual property contained in the GSP patents and the licenses is called the GSP Technology.

The GSP Technology can be further classified into two technologies: the Larkden Technology and the Solfast Technology.

Our Technology - Patent Hierarchy

The Larkden Technology relates to the collection of electrical energy and its storage as thermal energy.

The Solfast Technology relates to the collection and storage of thermal energy from the sun.